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Clairvoyant is a French term, which means seeing clearly. This ‘seeing clearly’ is different from optical seeing. Sometimes we use the expression: ‘I see’ meaning I understand the truth.

Clairvoyance refers to seeing in the sense of understanding or perceiving the truth, going to the core of the problem. This is what differentiates the psychic clairvoyance from the way ordinary human being ‘see or understand’ the problems.

The perception of ordinary human beings is at best a vague guesswork based sometimes on the common deductive knowledge or rational wisdom. Quite often certain problems or occurrences defy deductive or mundane interpretations because their causes lie beyond the visible plane.

Sometimes even ordinary problems like common colds refuse to be cured despite best medical attention. This is where the psychic clairvoyance comes in. It may trace the cause of such incurable problems, for example, to karmic astrology. Or, the psychic may find the cure in some simple substance like common salt or castor oil of which no one could ever have thought.