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Clairsentience is a French word, which means clear sensing. Clairsentience refers to psychic ability to sense the truth from a chaos and confusion of truth and falsehood. Psychics have the ability to feel or sense something that is non-visible, non-local or non-physical. Clairaudience is, in fact, another word for clear sensory perception. It is like gut feeling or hunch. 

A clairsentient psychic has the ability to scan or read the auras or energy fields that surround the persona of their clients. They even study the vibrations that are caused by the sounds of the words and structure of the sentences.

The power of clairsentience enables the psychics to sense the presence of non-corporeal entities like the spirits or ghosts in the houses and also their influence upon their client subjects. Sometimes the subjects show strange signs and changes in the way they behave or talk. This can be explained only through the clairsentient ability of the psychics.