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Cancer - The Crab (June 22 - July 22)

Cancer is known as a watery sign, symbolized by the Crab, a creature with a very hard shell which protects a soft interior and is ruled by the negative and watery moon. Those born during this period are known to be negative quality, shy, timid, sensitive, resistant yet understanding, romantic and dreamy with a strong love of home, family and tradition, they are a good communicator and a strong provider.

Professions and Occupations

Those who are ruled by Cancer are usually successful in careers of a public nature, or those in which they can tend to large numbers of people. They make good politicians, government officials, hotel proprietors and caterers.

They are happy when on the sea and make good sailors and travel officers. Success in finance and big business often rewards the subjects of Cancer. The literary and musical professions, especially if these bring them before the public, are also well suited to their romantic and imaginative temperament.

Marriage and Friendship

Affection runs very deep in Cancer people. They are happiest when in the heart of their family, to whom they are intensely devoted. But their love affairs and domestic life are often full of worries and difficulties, which, however are usually overcome by their great pertinacity and patience.

Those born during the Cancer period will find their closest and most enduring friendships with Pisces and Scorpio.