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Aztec Astrology

Aztec Astrology was developed by Aztec and Mayan astrologers. Aztec astrology, unlike the modern calendars of 365 days, consists of 260 days. Aztec astrologers believe in the mysterious impact of certain celestial rhythms in the sky on the human beings and other circumstances on earth. The daily sunrise and sunset constitutes the basic rhythm of life.

Unlike the 7-day week and 30-day month, the Aztec astrologers believe in the time cycles of the day, 9-days, 13-days, and 20-days. The yearly cycles are counted in groups of 4 and 13 years. Since each day is a part of several cycles, therefore, no two days are similar to each other.

Aztec astrologers divide the time between gods and goddesses of contending forces. The calendar year of 260 days is divided into 20-day Aztec signs, each sign consisting of 13 days. Each of these signs is governed by a certain god or goddess who influences the personal traits of the human beings born under its influence.