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Aura is a kind of halo or the subtle energy field that surrounds each person. It is, in fact, radiated by the person himself according to the traits of his personality. It consists of various hues and shades and can be seen by the mystics and psychics. They can interpret the nature and personality of the human beings and, therefore, their future by the colors of their auras.

Even the ordinary human beings, who cannot see the aura, can sense it quite palpably. Most of us feel happy, sad, angry, threatened, attracted, repelled, depressed protected, relieved, confident, awed, elated and so on in the presence of some people, even if we have not seen or known them before. It is difficult to explain why we have different mental responses to different people. In most cases, however, our feelings correctly reflect the nature of the person we see. This happens precisely because of the aura generated by the individual.